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Boxercise Bootcamp (Wednesday & Saturday)

A bit of boxing for an overall body fat burn combined with a wide range of Boot Camp exercises, using a combination of tyres, hammers, battle ropes, balls and barbells to make the most out of this hour long session.

Bells & Balls (Thursday & Saturday)

An hour long exercise class consisting of a variety of exercises using medicine bells and kettlebells for all over body training and toning. No need to book just turn up or call us for more information on 01905 779093!

Cardio (Tuesday & Thursday)

Forget the machines, this 60 minute class is structured on a variety of reps, sets, duration and intensity of exercises to burn a whole lot of calories and then some. Get ready to sweat.

Core Attack (Monday & Wednesday)

An ‘express’ class following HIIT Blitz. 30-minutes of targeted exercise to keep the core and trunk muscles strong and stable – an essential component for any kind of health & fitness.

Fit for golf (Tuesday & Friday)

A combination of mobility and golf specific movements to keep your handicap low and game strong.

Fit Kidz (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday)

A supervised, open gym hour for 10-16 year olds who want to keep fit, get stronger, meet friends and have fun.

HIIT Body Blitz (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

High Intensity Interval Training – Blitz your entire body using fast-paced, full body based exercises designed to spike metabolism and burn fast. Follow this 30 min ‘express’ class with a core attack to make the most from your gym hour.

Ladies Class (Monday, tuesday, wednesday & Thursday)

Keep fit with your friends and make new ones while improving strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility.

LITE (Friday)

Low Intensity Targeted Exercise – an hour long class using principles of own body weight exercises based on Pilates and Yoga practice targeting the tummy, hips, thighs and arms.

Strength & Conditioning (Friday & Sunday)

Build muscle through technique based weighted functional exercises. You’ll learn to love the weights in this hour while learning proper form and technique to develop, strengthen and tone specific areas of your body.

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