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Sports & Physio Therapy

Jodi Fellows

Jodi utilises her experience from this industry to prevent, maintain and fix all aspects of muscular-skeletal issues by combining sports massage, comprehensive stretching and great after-care advise, working alongside Sanders Fitness Personal Trainers and Instructors to provide the perfect solution for you. Jodi has had experience at Worcester Cricket Club and has worked alongside many sports injury physiotherapists with supportive sports massage.

"I believe that to be a good therapist, you must continue to be trained by professionals. I have experience with Worcester Cricket Club's conditioning coach and physiotherapist, as well as working along-side Droitwich Rugby Club's physiotherapist on and off match days and finals. I have received personal training from international rugby star, Alejandro Moreno and British natural champion body builder, Jenny Garside. Previously I have been on tour with Golf European, French Open winner, John Bickerton to Cannes, France and Valencia, Spain. Continued development is what makes MBS stand out as a unique solution and will continue doing so. I regularly compete and understand the pressure and event preparation needed." Jodi Fellows MD

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